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Dear John,
Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave me over the past few months.  Your experience as a physical therapist is evident in the way you treated me for my neck problems. I feel so much better now but I really miss not coming in twice a week for those incredible neck massages of yours!  I hope my body stays well after your expert care, but if I do need physical therapy again I hope I’m lucky enough to have you take care of me!  All the best to you. – S.

To the staff at Falmouth Physical Therapy –  
Thank you for your expert professional sessions given me by your department during my left hip post-op surgery rehabilitation period.  I benefited from them greatly and I’m doing quite well because of them.  We are indeed quite well because of them.  We are indeed quite fortunate in Falmouth to have Falmouth Physical Therapy; a great team and a wonderful specialized service.  Thank you again! J.

Dear Lisa,
…thank you so much for all your help with my physical therapy following my shoulder surgery. My time with you was my first experience with physical therapy.  I wanted to be sure you knew how impressed I was with your service: not only the physical healing that you helped induce, but also the emotional support you provided when I felt like giving up because of pain.  And, of course, your cheery disposition helped me immeasurably to stay the course! J.

I wanted to thank you all for making my knee rehab totally fun and not painful at all.  You are some of the nicest people I have encountered. E.

Lisa, You do work miracles. C.

I want to especially thank you Lisa for all of the incredible care you gave to me. You really know how to show your patients that they are people too! You’re a great physical therapist and have a heart of gold!. K.B.

Many, many thanks for all the weeks of wonderful help that you gave me during my recovery.  I feel so wonderful.  You are indeed a real healer.

To Lisa and Karen,  
With sincere appreciation for making my fingers move (I can write!) …. and for all those exercises ‘ten times, twice’ C.A.

Dear Lisa,  
You will be pleased to know that…I met with my orthopaedic surgeon… pronounced my rehabilitation a “miracle.”…it was great stroke of good fortune to find you. You are a credit to your profession… G.

Dear John-  
I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all of your hard work in trying to make my back well again.  You’re a great P.T. and…always making a painful situation more tolerable.  You’re all very kind and caring people. D.

My appreciation for the excellent treatment I got from you during my visits for physical therapy.  You’re a good teacher as well as a good therapist.  You made sure I knew what I should be doing and how important it is to continue…the exercises. – M

Thanks again for all your expert care. Special pool patience and encouragement with Martha has been just great! H.

Dear Lisa,  
I finished my PT today…thank you and your wonderful staff.  John Taylor was the first person I met…I knew I was in good hands with him guiding me through my therapy.  I loved his warmth, capability, and his thoroughly captivating sense of humor! I was also privileged to work with Martha…she was so caring and encouraging.  Because of these two wonderful therapists I am doing well.  M.

Thanks for the reports and the good results…Nice work-B.L., M.D.

Just a quick note to thank you for all the support you gave me while I had therapy on my shoulder.  You made every session very enjoyable.  You have a great way with people and I’m so lucky to have had you to work with my shoulder, It feels great!  G.

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